Lindsey Graham Backs Trump “You Have To Hate The President To Support The Caravan”

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Article by Bryan Howard

November 26, 2018

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is back at his sassy ways. Graham 2.0 went to Twitter and ripped into the leftists who are supporting the caravan that is attempting to enter illegally. Graham blasted the leftists claiming, “You have to really hate President Trump to not understand the problems created by the Caravans.”

“You have to really hate President [Donald Trump] to not understand the problems created by the caravans,” tweeted Graham. “He is right to push back in order to deter future waves of illegal immigration.”

Lindsey Graham continued stating he supports Trump’s decision to close the borders.

Democrats and the far left wing of the base are pushing for the idea of open borders and the removal of ICE. This is a dangerous and irrational thought by the Left which needs to be rejected. The fast radical change of the Democrat party has changed Lindsey Graham into a staunch strong back boned Conservative.


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