Why The Political Divide Will Never Be Fixed!


Article by Bryan Howard

November 24, 2018

We are living in a defining moment in history that only comes around once every 100 or so years. We are in a political divide at levels that have only been seen during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. The Divide politically had issues that could not be met or bridged, which led to a war to solve their issues. Today we are in a war  in the cultural sense that has been escalating sense 2009. However, the question is can this political divide ever be bridged, or is it destined to have the tension escalate from our divide.

There are vast differences between the Right and Left in American Politics today. It’s a battle of Philosophical ideas between Capitalism /Socialism, George Washington/Karl Marx, Nationalistic/Globalistic, Individualism/Collectivism,  Freedom/Giant Slave State.

With these stark differences I do not believe it it possible to close the political divide because both sides would have to give up on values that they hold close to heart. We need to establish why the divide can’t be closed on political policies.

1. Abortion

Conservatives value life and we will not nor can not bend on any aspect of abortion. Leftists believe Abortion is a good and natural right for woman to kill their children. Leftists value the right to kill children and will not bend on this topic.

Result: No common ground

2. Universal Health Care

Universal Health Care will cost the American people 3.3 Trillion Dollars a year according to many studies by Universites. The Universal Health Care system is tried and tested across the globe and has been a massive falure that kills more people than it saves.

Conservatives will not bend on this immoral costly policy, while Leftists are delusional and believe it is a human policy that they will not bend on.

Result: No common ground

3. Climate Change/ green energy vs fossil fuels

Leftist believe religiously in the idea of Man Made Climate Change even though facts a stats does not support their claims. Conservatives take a practical approach to the idea of Climate Change which is the climate changes cyclically and Humans play a small factor in any climat change that does not really factor to much worth of concern.

Leftists believe we need to remove all fossil fuels and go towards 100% renewable energy policy that would destroy our entire economic system moving us into a Communist government.

Resut: No common ground

4. First Amendment/ Freedom of Speech

Leftists have been targeting the right to free speech with the idea of hate speech. They want to interject Canada and U.K. Hate speech laws that will jail you for speaking Conservative ideas. Obviously Conservatives will never bend on free speech because it is a policy that is created to jail us if we don’t agree to become leftists.

Result: No common ground

5. Second Amendment/ Right to Bear Arms

Leftists have been on the assault against the second amendment in hopes to remove all guns from citizens. The left will never stop on this conquest because they know government can only attain complete control when the citizens are no longer armed. Conservatives will never be willing to hand over their guns with out government going to war with it’s citizens.

Result: No Common Ground

These are only five highly contested policies that neither the Left or Right is willing to bend on, and any massive ground made by either side on any of these policies could result into an increased temperature in the cultural divide. Because of these reasons is why the political divide can not be bridged, so what can be done to solve the divide?

1. The Left moves more to American traditional values and not European Socialism/Communism values.

2. We split the Country into two that allows the Left have a portion of the Country as their own, and the Right gets a portion of the Country as their own.

3. We have a second Civil War. This is the least desired result, but it would be the most effective results in eradicating one side or the others ideas similar to the first Civial War and slavery.


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