Beijing Will Monitor Behavior Of Every Citizen By End Of 2020!

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Article by Bryan Howard

November 24, 2018

Beijing, China announced they will be implementing their Social Credit scoring system on every citizen by the end of 2020. The Social Credit scoring monitors the behavior of their citizens and grades them based on how trustworthy they are for the Communist regime.

According to the Beijing, municipal website, they will have permanent surveillance on their citizens to determine how obedient to the law and the Communist regime they are. This would be a Democrat dream come true for United states citizens.

The data collected from the surveillance would create a credit score for the citizens that will determine how difficult of lives they will be living.

Beihing’s municipal website stated, “Efforts will be made to build a market supervision mechanism with corporate acredit as the core,” adding that it will implement what it calls “the personal integrity project,” which will utilize residents’ credit scores for “market access, public services, tourism,” and “fields such as entrepreneurship and job hunting.”

The credit score will implement a “Green Score,” which would expidiate residents applications with high scores for “education and medical resources.”

”The Municipal website stated, “Those who violate the law and lose trust will pay a heavy price,” adding it will “improve the blacklist system” and will make residents be “limited everywhere, and difficult to move” If found untrustworthy to the Communist State.

The Municipal website finished off by saying, “By the end of 2020, the Bejining Municipal Social Credit Regulations will be completed, and the legal system will be used to guide and promote the construction of the credit system.”



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