House Subpoenas James Comey And Loretta Lynch!

PHOTO: Martin/ Associated Press

Article by Bryan Howard

November 23, 2018

On Thanksgiving morning James Comey issued a statement on Twitter that he was subpoenaed by the House Republicans. Comey the self proclaimed Communist claimed he will resist any closed door meetings because he can’tresist A grandstanding moment.

Comey was not the only individual who received a subpoena by the House Republicans, Loretta Lynch as well received a subpoena to answer questions.

Comey’s attorney released a statement on the Subpoenas, “Mr. Comey embraces and welcomes a hearing open to the public, but the subpoena issued yesterday represents an abuse of process, a divergence from House rules and its presumption of transparency. Accordingly, Mr. Comey will resist in Court this abuse of process.”

The Subpoenas were issued in order for the House to be able to investigate the handling of the Hillary Clinton emails.


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