WATCH: Fight Breaks Out In Broward County School, Obama Promise Program To Blame!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

November 21, 2018

Broward County Florida,  Monarch High School had a fight break out between two girls that was vicious. But due to the Obama Promise Program policy the Sophomore who violently assaulted the other girl only received a citation with no criminal charges. However, thanks to Andrew Pollack who lost his daughter in the tragic shooting stepped in to demand justice.

Andrew Pollack shared the video of the beating on his social media and turned over the video to Coconut Creek Police and not the Broward Sheriff’s Office. This resulted in the girl being arrested a week later for the assault.

Andrew Pollack a few days earlier sent the video on his Twitter account as well, showing the girl punching and slamming the other girls head against the table.

Part 1

Part 2

It is worth noting the girl who was arrested did claim she was being bullied by the other girl for years.Boston News 7 WHDH reported, she “says that her rage did not come out of nowhere. She says that the girl she attacked has been repeatedly bullying her since middle school, they have been calling her names and threatening to jump her.”

being bullied does not excuse the violent attack, but it does go to show Broward County is not controlling their students and preventing situations from escalating to these extreme levels.


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