PHOTO: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

November 21, 2018

An Obama appointed Judge over ruled President Trump’s new asylum rule on Tuesday, putting our national sovereignty at risk.

President Trump’s new asylum rule was a responable 90 day ban on any individual who attempted to illegally enter the United States. This was sent to court by radical leftist organization the ACLU.

After the Judge wrongfully blocked the new rule White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders expressed her displeasure’s. Sanders issued a statement calling the Judge an left wing activist who is imposing their open borders policy preferences.

Sanders statement started, “At this very moment, massive numbers of aliens are arriving at our southern border, threatening to incapacitate our already overwhelmed immigration system.  Yet now, a single district judge has issued a nationwide temporary restraining order preventing the executive branch from performing its Constitutional duty to enforce our borders and control entry into the United States.”

Sanders continued, “This temporary injunction is yet another example of activist judges imposing their open borders policy preferences, which are rejected by the overwhelming majority of the American people, and interfering with the executive branch’s authority to administer the immigration system in a manner that ensures the Nation’s safety, security, and the rule of law.”


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