Mexico to deport migrant caravan members after criminal outbreak!

Article by Bryan Howard

November 21, 2018

The migrant Caravan has been camping out in Tijuana, Mexico awaiting their asylum requests. Some have decided to treat this camping out as a party disturbing the peace for the Tijuana citizens causing a scene. This has led to a large anti caravan protest by the Tijuana citizens demanding the Honduras caravan to be kicked out of their city, chanting “Trump was right.”

According to the Washington Times, ” Tijuana officials said late Monday they had arrested 34 caravan members for drug possession, public intoxication, disturbing the peace and resisting police, and they would be deported to their home countries.”

The Washington Times noted that the Tijuana Mayor was not pleased with the Honduras Caravan in comparison to the Haitian Caravan a year ago.

Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum has made a point of saying the city is not happy with the migrants who began arriving last week, and he compared the Central American group unfavorably with about 3,000 Haitians who ended up staying after their bid to reach the U.S. failed last year.

“The Haitians arrived with their papers, with a clear vision,” Gastelum said in an interview posted on the city’s Facebook page. They came “in an orderly way, they never asked us for food or shelter,” renting apartments and making their own food. He said the Haitians found jobs and “inserted themselves in the city’s economy” and had not been involved in any disturbances.

By contrast, Gastelum said, the caravan of Central Americans, “had arrived all of sudden, with a lot of people – not all … but a lot – were aggressive and cocky.”

The Mexican Government has offered the migrant caravan work permits with welfare benefits in order to prevent them from traveling to the United States border, but they turned that down establishing they have no interest in working but only a free ride in the United States off our tax dollars.

Democrats continue to support the Migrant caravan knowing they can use our tax dollars to buy off their illegal votes and push full socialism onto the entire United States. This is why the Democrat party is Anti-America and the need to be disbarred from political life.


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