Brian Kemp Counters And Disproves Voter Suppression Claims In Georgia Election.

PHOTO: Fox News Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

November 20, 2018

The Democrat Governor hopeful Stacey Abrams claims the election was not fair nor free because of voter suppression. However, that claim is invalid and untrue considering their was zero voter suppression going on in the state of Georgia. Kemp points out the law that suspended registrations was created by Democrats.

“We saw the ‘easy to vote’ part — we had 1.4 million more voters in this election than we did in the last governor’s race. A historic turnout,” Kemp explained. “We have a million more people on the rolls because I pushed for and implemented online voter registration where people could register to vote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If my opponent and her activist groups had used the online system, they wouldn’t have had as many problems as they did with the folks that they were registering.”

“Nobody’s questioning the Democrats’ wins, knocking off one of our congresswomen in the state of Georgia,” Kemp continued. “They’re not questioning the local races that they won. This is just political rhetoric.”

Kemp was asked about the fewer locations set up for voting in urban areas.

“Well, that’s just a mistruth. The county elections officials, the local elections boards have the sole responsibility for how many polling locations they have and where they are,” Kemp said. “The one county that this was an issue with before the election, they’re controlled by Democrats. [Abrams] is blaming me for a problem that [Democrats] created and it’s just ridiculous.”

Kemp rejected that the “exact-match” law was illegal and racist.

“We have laws on the books in Georgia, and I know [Abrams] may not like some of the laws, but we take an oath of office and the county officials have a duty to follow the law and the elections rules that we have in our state,” Kemp said. “We check citizenship. We require people to show photo ID when they vote. And we verify this information before people go on the voter rolls.”



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