Actress Claims Avenatti Dragged Her On The Floor And Called ‘Ungrateful F**king B*tch’

PHOTO: IMDB, Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for MTV

Article by Bryan Howard

November 20, 2018

News organization “The Blast” reported on Actress Mareli Miniutti statement on Avenatti’s abuse. Minitti is the woman who alleges creepy porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti abused her and she filed a restraining order against him. In Miniutti’s statement she claims Avenatti draggered her out into the hall way while she was in her underwear, and calling her an “ungrateful fucking bitch.”

The Blast reported the Miniutti’s claims of the incident,

Miniutti claims she tried texting a friend for help, but claims Avenatti grabbed the cell phone. The actress says he remained very close to her and she was afraid for her safety.
Avenatti then allegedly grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out of bed, on the floor and through the apartment and out the front door into the hallway. Miniutti claims she was injured while being dragged, and provided pictures of her alleged injuries in her court filing.

The actress says she was in her underwear and also suffered scratches to her back. After being dragged into the hallway, Miniutti says she began ringing a neighbor’s doorbell until Avenatti allegedly ran out and pulled her back into his apartment.

She says she then put on pants, and ran out of the apartment to a nearby elevator, and was followed by Avenatti. She says the attorney begged her, “Don’t do this Mareli, don’t involve them.”

Miniutti says she told security about the alleged attack, and had a friend pick her up for the night. At her friend’s house, the actress says she noticed red marks on her body, and called police to report the incident.

She claims she showed back up to Avenatti’s apartment the following morning and was let in by security. Avenatti also showed up, and Miniutti explains she was told he had been arrested and then provided her statement to detectives.

The Blast noted that Miniutti claimed routine abuse from Avenatti,

Miniutti claims this incident is not the first time Avenatti has been aggressive, and describes an incident back in February where she claims the attorney “had been drinking, and became angry at me.” She claims he pushed her into the hallway, causing her to hit her head, and then threw her shoes, which struck her leg.

The actress says Avenatti has a history of being verbally abusive and financially controlling. She says he has “vehemently opposed my desire to earn a living outside of Hollywood,” and has “made promises to ‘take care of me.’”

However, she claims to be afraid of Avenatti and wants him kept away.


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