WATCH: ANTIFA Assaults Reporter And Get In Scuffle With #HimToo Protesters!

Article by Bryan Howard

November 19, 2018

Andy Ngo a journalist reporter at  Quillette Magazine was recording the #HimToo protest in Portland Oregon. This Protest was met against ANTIFA violent thugs who hate any right wing groups. ANTIFA has been running the streets of Portland for the better part of a year now with out any backlash from the Democrat Mayor who supports them.

During the filming Any Ngo was assaulted and harassed by the ANTIFA thugs the entire time. That portion of the video is the first 10 minutes. The last 5 minutes was of ANTIFA harassing #himtoo protesters which is filled with former military men and woman. at the end you see a scuffle break out between the groups.



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