WATCH: Pence Stares Down Putin In Exchange Over Election Meddling!

PHOTO: Ore Huiying / Stringer / Getty Images

Article by Bryan Howard

November 18, 2018

Leftist like to falsely portray President Trump and his administration as being soft on Russia, and was involved in election meddling will ignore this exchange between Vice President Mike Pence and Vladimir Putin. During an exchange at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations conference in Singapore on Friday, Pence gave a stern warning to Putin not to meddle in our elections with an intense stare down.

According to “The Sun,” “US VICE President Mike Pence was snapped giving Vladimir Putin a cold stare at a summit, as he reportedly warned him not to meddle in American elections.”

NBC reported, Mike Pence and Vladimir Putin had dinner the night before where they had a brief conversation. Pence told NBC, “Well, we really didn’t have the opportunity, he was literally across a broad table. Look, we’ve been very clear about this administration’s commitment to ensure, whether it be Russia or other countries, that there’s no tolerance for meddling in our elections.”

WATCH: full exchange


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