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Article by Bryan Howard

November 18, 2018

A Democrat Presidential candidate for 2020 New York entrepreneur Andrew Yang, announced a new policy he hopes to enact if he wins in 2020 that is only seen in Communist regime China. This new Communist policy is a social credit score to reward good behavior by citizens.

Andrew Yang plans to have a Government ran mobile app that rewards Americans with “digital social credits” (DSCs) for good behavior. His campaign website explains it would reward for “participating in a town fair,” “fixing a neighbor’s appliance” or “tutoring a student.”

Yang’s website suggests, “As individuals rack up DSCs, they would have both a permanent balance they’ve earned over their lifetime and a current balance. They could cash the points in for experiences, purchases with participating vendors, support for causes, and transfer points to others for special occasions. As their permanent balance gets higher, they might qualify for various perks like throwing a pitch at a local ballgame, an audience with their local Congressperson or meeting their state’s most civic-minded athlete or celebrity.”

Yang added, “The most socially detached would be the most likely to ignore all of this. But many people love rewards and feeling valued.”

It is fair to question Andrew Yang being a radical leftist that he is would this app be biased for leftist behavior. And would this app only reward leftism to force people to be leftist and not step out of line of the leftist train of thought.

I ask this question because Communist China has a similar system they enacted this year, which judges citizens on how good of Communists they are. If a citizen gets low social credit scores in China you lose traveling privileges. This is why we need to reject this tyrannical leftist plan Andrew Yang is proposing.


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