WATCH: Dem State Rep London Lamar Calls Tennessee Republican Voters Racist!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

November 16, 2018

A Tennessee Democrat State Representative London Lamar posted a video where she called all Republican voters in the state of Tennessee uneducated and racist. She later recanted her statement after backlash, but never apologized.

Lamar claimed all the Republican voters voted based on racial lines and voted against Black people even though it went against the Republican voters interests. Lamar believes Republican voters in Tennessee are so racist that they will vote against their own self interests just to harm black people. Lamar continued to claim all Republican voters are uneducated and racist who refuse to share their wealth with minorities. I guess it is racist to want to keep the money you earn from your job now.

Lamar went on a five minute raciest uneducated rant with no facts or stats to back up her insane claims. London Lamar shows how uneducated her district is for voting her into office considering she doesn’t seem to understand the basic concept that the Democrat party is the party of racism and slavery. Let’s not forget the Democrat party is also the party that supported Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin during their rises to power.




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