NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Involved In Corporatism And Fascist Deal With Amazon!

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Article by Bryan Howard

November 15, 2018

Democrats who claim to hate Fascists and Corporations seem to show it in funny ways. Democrats practice fully in corporatism and appose Capitalism. Which, unlike what the left believes are opposing ideals considering Corporatism is when the Government and corporations work together eliminating a free market. Capitalism opposes any involvement in Government and corporations for beneficial deals with each other. Fascism is the largest ideology that’s economic theory and practice is revolved around corporatism.

The latest example of Democrats loving Fascism and Corporatism is the Amazon move to New York. Democrat Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo cut a deal with Amazon to move it’s headquarters to his City. Here is the kicker, Cuomo gave Amazon a $2.5 billion in tax payer subsidies to move there. This means the tax payers are paying for the wealthiest company in America to be located in New York City. This is a disgusting behind the scene deals of Democrats and large corporations.

Andrew Cuomo tried to deny any deal transpired, “This is a big money-maker for us — costs us nothing, nada, niente,” claimed Cuomo during a press conference. “We make money doing this.”

However, Cuomo fails to mention Amazon was given “$2.5 billion in taxpayer subsidies,” including “$1.525 billion in tax credits and construction grants,” and “$1.28 billion in tax breaks.”

These corporatism deals between Democrats and Corporations are killing the economy and need to end. The pathetic part is Cuomo would have been able to attain this deal if he cut taxes down on businesses and the tax payers. Examples of evidence are Texas and Florida who are preforming better than most of the United States with their low taxes and business friendly regulations.



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