Michelle Obama Upset That Melania Trump Never Asked For Advice!

Article by Bryan Howard

November 14, 2018

Michelle Obama is whining again trying to get attention. Apparently this time she is whining because Melania Trump is not letting Michelle control the First Lady roles.

During Michelle Obama’s interview on ABC News she claimed Mrs. Trump never contacted her for advice and she is upset over that.

It may not sink in to Obama that she was an awful First Lady who ruined school lunches.

Trump’s communications director Stephanie Grisham Stated to the Washington Examiner,

“Mrs. Trump is a strong and independent woman who has been navigating her role as first lady in her own way,” Grisham said. “When she needs advice on any issue, she seeks it from her professional team within the White House.”

Michelle Obama stated,

“You know, one of the things you learn as a former, it’s, like, I don’t judge what a current is doing, you know? So, I’d prefer not to, you know, speak on what she’s doing versus what I did because I think every first lady approaches this job differently,” she said.


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