Germany And France Call For A European Military!


Article by Bryan Howard

November 13, 2018

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel is supporting the idea of creating a European military. This idea was floated by the French President Emmanuel Macron earlier in November.

Macron believes the United States, China, and Russia are direct threats to Europe, and they need to create their own army to protect from those large forces.

According to the Daily Mail Merkel stated, “What is really important, if we look at the developments of the past year, is that we have to work on a vision of one day creating a real, true European army.”

Merkel finished, “Europe must take our fate into our own hands if we want to protect our community.”

Macron stated in an interview,“I believe in the project of a sovereign Europe.” “We won’t protect Europe if we don’t decide to have a true European army.”

These statements and ideas of a European army come after President Trump has threatened to stop floating the entire military bill in Europe while they don’t contribute.


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