WATCH: The Most Horrifying Pro-Choice Ad ever!

PHOTO: The Federalist

Article by Bryan Howard

November 12, 2018

A disturbing Pro-Abortion ad was published by a radical left wing group called Agenda Project. In this ad it has a cute baby on it’s screen with a lullaby playing in the background trying to claim this baby has the right to be executed by it’s parents.

Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire noted, “Titled “The Chosen,” the 40 second video opens with the image of a beautiful, smiling baby girl. Lullaby music plays in the background as the words “she deserves to be loved” appear on screen. On that point, most viewers will concur. Next, we are told that “she deserves to be wanted.” The viewer concurs again. Then comes the kicker: “She deserves to be a choice.” We are urged to “Stand with Planned Parenthood” as the picture fades.”



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