Arizona Voter Fraud! Trump Calls For Potential New Election!

Article by Bryan Howard

November 10, 2018

Arizona seems to be having voter fraud similar to what is going on in Florida. It was reported by AZPM in Arizona that Signatures on envelopes are not matching signatures on file.

President Trump issued a statement against the voter fraud, going far enough to say we need to hold a new election in Arizona.

AZPM reported ,

Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez says the signature on some ballot envelopes doesn’t match the signature on file, especially for voters who used their finger to sign an electronic pad at the DMV.

“Sometimes the signatures do not match, they don’t look anywhere near it. So that’s why we call to attest and verify that that is in fact the voter,” Rodriguez said.

But Republican officials say county recorders only have the authority to do that up through election day, not after. If a judge agrees, that would mean recorders have to stop checking signatures of people whose ballots remain unopened after election day.


8 thoughts on “Arizona Voter Fraud! Trump Calls For Potential New Election!

  1. With all of the technology, they can’t figure out a way to stop this election fraud? I’m beginning to think they enjoy this. It has been going on for years and nothing has been done to stop it!

    1. It’s a joke, no-one seems to take these voter fraud schemes by the Democrats seriously. It’s been happening in the Democrat party since as far back as Woodrow Wilson. Yet Republicans seem to allow this to happen every year.

  2. I just love when I see your emails because I know it’s always going to be the TRUTH and something exciting! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with America!

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