Smash Racism D.C. Organizer Who Targeted Tucker Carlson’s Home Issued Disturbing Message!

Article by Bryan Howard

November 9, 2018

The Fox News host Tucker Carlson was the recent target of the violent radical left with his house being targeted by left wing organizations. The left wing terrorist organization “Smash Racism D.C.” was behind the attack on Carlson and the organizer Alex Rubinstein issued a disturbing message on Twitter.

Rubinstein posted on Twitter, “Here is a statement sent to me from one of the Smash Racism DC organizers involved in the protest at Tucker Carlson’s home last night.”

“Protests are a disruption of the peace, that’s the point. If we don’t get no justice. Then you don’t get no peace’ was a common slogan during the height of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“Being a target of a direct action is uncomfortable and Tucker should sit with that,” the statement continued. “Maybe he can show more empathy toward Queer people, Black people, the poor, refugees, migrants, and the many other people who hold scars from our society. Tucker’s promotion of white supremacy has real world consequences and he knows this.”

“While Tucker’s wife may have been scared and hid in the pantry, imagine the trauma from across the board from right wing attacks, gender dysphoria, being homeless, people “dying” without healthcare, and sexual assault victims.”

“Tucker is a propagandist for the status quo and promotes fascist politics. He should be held accountable and forced to think about the affects his views has on other people.”

This is an alarming statement for all Conservatives the fact they believe this is protesting. It is not protesting to make others feel uncomfortable like these radical terrorists believe. Protesting is to voice your opinion about a government over reach of injustice. It was never intended for a protest to be against normal citizens, but exclusively for the government. And protests were supposed to be peaceful with no hostility.


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