Democrats Attempting To Steal Election In Florida? Marco Rubio Believes So!

PHOTO: NBC Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

November 9, 2018

The infamous Broward County Florida may be attempting to steal the Florida Senate Election of Rick Scott. The County has yet to finish counting their ballots in a timely manner like the rest of Florida and are allowing their workers to be alone with the ballots in their cars, where mysterious things can happen to votes. Republican Senator of Florida Marco Rubio believes Broward County may be creating an election scam to overthrow the Republican Rick Scott’s victory for Senate.

Marco Rubio released a long Twitter statement on his distaste for the shady actions going on in Broward County.






Marco Rubio did issue real reasons of concern for the election being rigged in favor of Democrats, but he also released a video that is rather alarming.

In this video it show the Election workers are driving their cars alone with the ballots where they are capable of interfering with the ballots with no-one to witness.


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