Remember Why You Must Vote! Don’t Let Kavanaugh Down In His Fight For Survival!

PHOTO: (CNN Newsource)

Article by Bryan Howard

November 5, 2018

Midterms 2018 comes to an end on the night of November 6th and we are seeing record voting turnout already. However, this is not an election that anyone can afford to sit out and let everyone else carry your load. It doesn’t matter how red or how blue your district is, your vote may be the deciding factor on keeping our freedom and not falling into MOB tyranny!

Since we fought hard in 2016 to elect Trump and a Republican ruled Senate and House we have seen amazing changes. Our economy has became the greatest economy in recorded history, where we practically eliminated poverty. We have put our racial disparities on the track to non existent, and have 7 million jobs that can’t be filled because the economy is that great. Let’s not forget the packing of the federal courts and two Supreme Court Justices.

That is where we will pick up for the most important reason for you to vote. We witnessed Democrats try to remove due process for a innocent man in order to gain power. Brett Kavanaugh was dragged through the mud nearly had his life ruined if he didn’t get the votes in the Senate. It has been proven the allegations were false and no-one cared on the Left because the means justified the ends.

As a reminder I believe it is important every person watch a quick clip of Brett Kavanaugh’s emotional statements and his refusal to back down from the lynch mob.


Brett Kavnaugh standing up to the radical left is more important than the fact we got a great SCOTUS. Brett KAvanaugh showed courage and conviction in his emotional fight. The Republicans in the Senate were not standing up for Brett Kavanaugh for most of that hearing and it was one man against the radical ideologues on the left that would have fit in well during the French Revolution.

But, Senator Lindsey Graham had enough and decided it was time to join Brett Kavanaugh in this fight and led the charge of Republicans to rally behind him and President Trump in order to save our Constitutional Republic.


Now it is up to us to take the mantle in this war against tyranny from the left. Our Republican politicians held their end of the bargain by standing up for Brett Kavnaugh and got him seated on the Supreme Court, and we must hold up on our end. If you haven’t voted you better be at the voting booth there is zero excuses for you sit out this election, and make sure to drag friends and family with you.

For those of us who have voted already that’s great, but our work is not done. It is our job to follow up with friends and family members to make sure they vote, even if it means pestering them. Call/text everyone to follow up with if they voted and help them find their voting locations. If you are a Conservative and you sit out this election it will affirm MOB rule and the lack of due process going forward. Don’t sit this battle out we have been called to the front lines and it is time to fight for our freedoms with as much courage and conviction as Brett Kavanaugh did. Remember we are the “Resistance” to the “Resistance.”


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