Jordan Peterson Hopes Democrats “Get Walloped” In The Election!

PHOTO: Craig Robertson / Craig Robertson/Toronto Sun

Article by Bryan Howard

November 6, 2018

The great Psychologist Jordan Peterson gave an interview where he stated Trump has been good for the United States, and made the claim he hopes Democrats “get walloped” in the election.

Transcript provided by the Blaze.

According to the Spectator‘s James Innes-Smith, Peterson was quite open about his thoughts on the president, as well as the U.S. midterm elections.

“I’m hoping the Democrats get walloped,” Peterson told Innes-Smith ahead of his address at the Union, adding that he believes the party is determined to appeal to a “tiny radical faction of the voter base.”

“I don’t think they’re going to wake up until they get defeated,” he added.

Peterson went on to discuss Trump and said that it’s nothing short of absurd to call Trump “far-right.”

“It’s ridiculous to label Trump as far-right; he’s certainly an anomaly,” Peterson said. “As a personality, he’s more of a libertarian. He’s not a traditional Republican, and he’s certainly not a traditional right-wing figure apart from the fact that he has this large populist base.”

Peterson later expressed his disgust over groups of people attempting to pin the recent Pittsburgh synagogue massacre on Trump and what many perceive to be the president’s hateful rhetoric.

“We should leave the racist label to people who deserve it,” Peterson warned, “otherwise, we debase the currency. Once everyone’s a racist, well — that’s the end of that as a useful epithet.”

For the most part, Peterson can’t wrap his head around why Trump is such a controversial and, in some cases, hated figure in U.S. politics.

Perhaps, he said, it could be his pre-presidential economical status — called “nouveau riche” by Innes-Smith — which Peterson said could “rub upper-class, educated people the wrong way.”

“The one thing the intellectual elite will never understand is that if you are poor you can become rich, but if you are not part of the establishment elite, you will never become part of it,” Peterson explained.

“Wages are rising, unemployment is down to levels not seen since the early Sixties and the economy is growing at a phenomenal rate,” Peterson said. “Trump is noisy and bombastic and he has a narcissistic edge, but he certainly hasn’t turned out to be the absolute disaster that his enemies predicted. He’s even making headway in North Korea.”


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