Crowd breaks into ‘Amazing Grace’ after guest appears to fall ill at Missouri Trump rally!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

November 6, 2018

At the Missouri Trump rally Monday night a guest fell ill and a medical crew was sent to take care of the individual. But, in an amazing touching heartfelt moment that can only be duplicated in a crowd of faith they broke out in song “Amazing Grace.” Something the Democrat party will never experience due to their removal of God in their party. It was a rare moment we got to experience a situation where everyone came together in solidarity for their fellow man.

President Trump stopped the rally and told Doctors and medical team to take their time seriously concerned for an American, something we have not seen from a President in generations.

My brother was at this rally, and he claimed the crowd broke out into the song on their own with no signals from the Trump campaign. He claimed “It was the loudest song he has ever heard.”

Watch this amazing moment.


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