Veteran Attacked By SNL Responded In Video!

PHOTO:  (Photo: Dan Crenshaw for Congress website)

Article by Bryan Howard

November 5, 2018

“Saturday Night Live” ALLEGED comedian Pete Davidson insulted all veterans by mocking veteran Dan Crenshaw, a Republican candidate running for an open congressional seat in Texas, for wearing an eye patch from a war injury on Saturday night. Crenshaw showed he is a classy individual by not demanding an apology, but he did call Davidson and SNL out for their ignorance.

Dan Crenshaw responded on Twitter,

Dan Crenshow sent a video in to TMZ with a response as well.

“I want us to get away from this culture where we demand an apology every time someone misspeaks,” Crenshaw said.

Crenshaw continued, “I think that would be very healthy for our nation to go in that direction. We don’t need to be outwardly outraged. I don’t need to demand apologies from them. They can do whatever they want, you know. They are feeling the heat from around the country right now and that’s fine.”

Crenshaw finished off,  “veterans across the country probably don’t feel as though their wounds they received in battle should be the subject of a bad punch line.”



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