Mark Levin: ‘Time for America to Push Back’ on Radical Hard-Core Dems, Media ‘Mouthpieces’

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Article by Bryan Howard

November 3, 2018

Mark Levin pleaded with American Patriots to get out and vote this midterm and prevent the radical left from having power. Claiming the media is complicit in labeling us as evil Nazi Communists. Yes the media is now comparing us to Communists as well.

“We’re actually fighting the media. We’re fighting the Democrats, we’re fighting academia, we’re fighting Hollywood and all the rest,” Levin told host Sean Hannity. “And 64 percent of the voters say the press has done more to divide the country. More people think the press has divided the country than the president of the United States. And I’m going to tell you why.”

Levin Continued, “The word ‘Hitler’ is very popular with the press. With Joe Scarborough, the word ‘white supremacy’ is very popular over there at CNN. The word Stalin is now starting to pick up. They consider those of us who support this president and support an American agenda as Nazis. They referred to us to as a racist, as white supremacist. Every time there’s some horrific event they’re trying to pin it on us, pin in on our president, pin on our party. It’s really time America to push back. Enough is enough. We cannot turn any part of this government over to these radical hard-core Democrats and their mouthpieces in the media.”

Levin pleaded, “The media in this country, America, is campaigning against you, campaigning against your values, campaigning against your virtue, against the declaration against the Constitution,” he stated. “And you have a rare opportunity every now and then to show yourself to stand up and say, ‘We’re not putting up with this anymore. We’re going to protect our country. We’re going to protect our values, our institutions, our party, and our president, and most of all ourselves.’ You’re sick of being called Nazis? You’re sick of being called racists? You’re sick of being called white supremacist? Then you need to vote.”

“You need to vote now if you have early voting and you need to vote Tuesday. And you need to be on your own precinct camp and bring out four, five, or six people and make sure you vote. Because here’s the deal. If more of us vote, we win. If less of them vote, they lose.”



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