Early-Voting Ballots Looking Good For Republicans!

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Article by Bryan Howard

November 2, 2018

November 6th 2018 is only a few days away, and we are about to see the most heated midterms election in modern history. The early-voting ballots turnouts have been outstanding numbers with 24 million people already voting. This number nearly doubles the turnout at this time in a heated 2014 midterms, and almost matches the highly contested 2016 presidential election.

NBC News provided a poll that shows turnout numbers from last three elections.



The seven key states for early voting have had astronomical increase in numbers since 2014, showing members on both sides of the aisle are highly motivated in voting this year.

NBC News provides a graph to show the results,


The best news of the statistics is the fact Republicans have a slight lead in voter turnout claiming 43% of the voters are registered Republicans nation wide. Registered Democrats account for 41% of the voter turnout and 16% are non registered to a party. The percentage lead matches closely to the Red wave in 2014 when Republicans won both House and Senate. If the trend stays the same as in 2014 Republicans will retain the House and Senate.

These statistics show we are in an all out war at the voting box and every vote matters. It is encouraging that this many people are participating in a free election, but it also means there is no excuse to not show up and vote by November 6th. If you do not vote you are leaving your fellow American behind in the battle of which ideology will have control. If you have friends or family members that complain about politics drag them with you to vote if they typically don’t vote.


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