BOOM: Trump Tells Media They Are Creating Violence!

PHOTO: Getty

Article by Bryan Howard

November 3, 2018

President Trump fired back at an uneducated “FAKE NEWS” reporter claiming they are creating violence with their reporting. The “FAKE NEWS” media is attempting to pin the violence on President Trump, but reality is the violence is stirred up by the media.

The reporter stated, “You’re encouraging politically motivated violence with the way you speak.”

Trump responded, “You’re creating violence by your question.”

Trump continued, “A lot of the reporters are creating violence by not writing the truth. The fake news is creating violence. You know what? The people that support Trump and the people that support us, which is a lot of people, most people, many people, those people know when a story is true and when a story is false. If the media would write correctly and write accurately and write fairly, you’d have a lot less violence in the country.”



When the media attacks President Trump they are not attacking him, their intention is to attack every conservative and President Trump is only a figure they can point at. President Trump standing up to the media is not him standing up for himself but him standing up for all of us and refusing the media to paint us as evil people.


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