Undercover Video, Beto Campaign Appears to Illegally Spend Funds on Supplies for Caravan Aliens!

PHOTO: Bob Daemmrich / The Texas Tribune

Article by Bryan Howard

November 2, 2018

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas conducted their biggest campaign sting yet. In this sting video they went undercover in the Beto O’Rourke campaign. During this video they discovered the Beto campaign was illegally using funds to support the Caravan heading to the United States. These funds are being used to transport the Honduran caravan to the United States.

Project Veritas attorney comments after reviewing,

The material Project Veritas Action Fund captured shows campaign workers covering up the true nature of spending of campaign funds and intentionally misreporting them. This violates the FEC’s rules against personal use and misreporting. It also violates Section 1001, making a false statement to the federal government. The FEC violations impose civil penalties, including fines of up to $10,000 or 200 percent of the funds involved. Violations of Section 1001 are criminal and include imprisonment of up to five years.

Project Veritas highlights,

  • “I just hope nobody that’s the wrong person finds out about this.”
  • “It’s f***ing happening.” O’Rourke Campaign Staff Uses Pre-Paid Cards for Honduran Alien Supplies
  • “Don’t ever repeat this…” Campaign Staffers Explain How to Hide Campaign Expenditures for Aliens
  • “If you get caught in some sort of violation that’s like a $50,000 fine,” “For me I can just ignore the rules and I’m like f**k it.”
  • Transporting Aliens to “airports… bus stations,” “None of this is like sh*t there is a rulebook for”
  • Staffer Says She Sent Confirming Texts to Director

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