Bernie Sanders Claims Trump Is The Most Racist President In History!

PHOTO:  Photo: Corbis

Article by Bryan Howard

November 1, 2018

The old senile Socialist from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, was in Maryland campaigning for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ben Jealous on Tuesday. Bernie Sanders went on a ridiculous rant calling President Trump the most “racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted president in history.”

I just returned on Saturday from a nine-state tour working with great candidates all across this country. And I can tell you there are candidates and supporters working hour after hour to make sure we end one-party control of the United States government. They are working to make certain that the agenda of the most racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted president in history will go nowhere because Democrats will control the House and the Senate.

There seems to be a trend with Democrats refusing to mention policies, but only spewing hateful rhetoric. However, calling Trump the most racist President in the history is an absurd comment showing either Bernie doesn’t know history, or thinks his supporters don’t know history (Probably both are true). It’s as if he forgets about the first Progressive Democrat President Woodrow Wilson didn’t exist. Woodrow Wilson created segregation laws and single handedly brought back the Ku Klux Klan by airing the movie “Birth Of A Nation.” And that’s besides the point President Trump has never said nor done anything racist. I am sure they will say Nikki Haley is the most racist President in history when she wins in 2024.

Bernie continued with his normal rhetoric claiming Republicans are evil and we need an economy that works for more than the 1%. In hist theory a perfect economy works best when all the power and money goes through a violent Socialist dictator.

While taking back the House and the Senate is obviously of enormous importance, it is not enough. What we need right now, in governors’ chairs all across this country, are governors who are gonna stand with the working people; they’re gonna stand with the elderly; they’re gonna stand with the children; they’re gonna stand with the poor, and they’re gonna fight for an agenda and an economy for all of us, not just the one percent.


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