Leftist Protester Yells At Marsha Blackburn “White Supremacist” During Moment Of Silence for Pittsburgh Synagogue Victims!

PHOTO: Politico

Article by Bryan Howard

October 29, 2018

Republican challenger for the Tennessee Senate seat Marsha Blackburn, held a rally for her campaign. During the rally she asked for a moment of silence for the synagogue massacre that was a disgusting display of antisemitism, but a leftist decided to scream “Marsha Blackburn is a white supremacist” during the moment of silence in a display of no respect and border line anti-Semitic display from the leftist.

Marsha Blackburn stated, “Let’s take a moment and remember those who lost their lives in Pittsburgh and express our gratitude for the law enforcement who responded so beautifully. A moment of silence.” Instantly into the moment of silence the protester screamed “Marsha Blackburn is a white supremacist.”

Marsha Blackburn released a statement afterwards,  “This Sunday afternoon, the liberal angry mob made it clear they are active in Tennessee and will stop at nothing to disrupt civil political discourse. I’m grateful to the law enforcement officers who were here today and kept everyone safe. The protesters at today’s event were absolutely appalling. They yelled ‘Impeach Trump.’ They kicked. They punched. They resisted law enforcement, and they interrupted a moment of silence for the victims in Pittsburgh. Never in my life have I heard of people interrupting a moment of silence.”



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