BIG MONEY: Christine Blasey-Ford Fielding Book Deals And Over $1 Million In GoFundMe!

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Article by Bryan Howard

October 29, 2018

Christine Blasey-Ford has been bank rolling off her false allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Her GoFundMe pages have brought in over $1 million dollars, and is now being reported that she is fielding book offers.

Democrats called her brave and had nothing to gain by coming forward with her false allegations. We Conservatives knew better after experiencing the Anita Hill proven false claims against Justice Thomas. Anita Hill made a profit off her claims with movie deals.

“You had absolutely nothing to gain by bringing these facts to the Senate Judiciary Committee,” Sen. Dick Durbin claimed. Sen. Kamala Harris said, “I want to thank you, because you clearly have nothing to gain for what you have done.”

The theory that Christine Blasey-Ford had nothing to gain can be put to rest after Rela Clear Politics investigated her profits. “Ford stands to gain some $1 million and counting from national crowdfunding campaigns launched by friends and other supporters, while she is said to be fielding book offers.”

Real Clear Politics wrote,

The potential seven-figure windfall, which she says she intends to cash in on – while still asking donors for more money – has some questioning her motivation for accusing the conservative judge after 35 years of silence, and whether it goes beyond personal or even political justice. Others worry the largesse sets a dangerous precedent: Crowdfunding, which unlike political donations is unregulated, could be routinely used in the future as a bounty for providing political dirt on opponents.

Two GoFundMe accounts have raised more than $842,000 for Ford, and the money is still coming in weeks after she testified and left the spotlight. The total does not include a third account collecting $120,000 for an academic endowment in her name.

“The costs for security, housing, transportation and other related expenses are much higher than we anticipated and they do not show signs of letting up,” Ford said in a recent statement posted on the GoFundMe page of the “Help Christine Blasey Ford” campaign, which is still bringing in donations. “Funds received via this account will be used to help us pay for these mounting expenses.”

GoFundMe spokeswoman Katherine Cichy told RealClearInvestigations that Ford and her husband can withdraw as much as they want whenever they want for any purpose. Payments would be electronically deposited into the Fords’ bank account within two to five business days of initiating withdrawals.

All told, more than 21,000 people have donated to her cause. Several donors have written big checks, including Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh, who gave $10,000.

It is worth noting her Lawyers did the case pro bono and their wasn’t much expenses she needed to cover, let alone a  million dollars and book deal worth.


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