Vanessa Trump Speaks About Being Hospitalized From White Powder Substance Sent From Leftist.


Article by Bryan Howard

October 27, 2018

Vanessa Trump, the wife of Eric Trump opened up about her terrorist attack from a deranged leftist Democrat who sent her white powdery substance. This comes after the media blamed her father in-law Donald Trump for the bomber.

Vanessa Trump stated to Axios,“This is personal for me because I know firsthand what it is like to be targeted and terrorized by a coward with a vendetta. Back in February, I opened an envelope intended for my husband Don, which covered my face, hands and clothing in white powder and left me terrified.”

Vanessa continued, “I was rushed to the hospital, evaluated and put on Cipro for the longest two weeks of my life, and while they worked to identify whether the white powder was deadly, I spent the entire time thinking about the horrifying possibility that I would never see my 5 beautiful children again.”

She finished, “It was a cowardly act against a mother. And even today, every time I open the mail, I feel the same fear in my heart as I did that day. These recent acts are the acts of a coward and nothing more than terrorism, pure and simple. No one, regardless of political party or ideology, should ever have to go through what I went through.”

The leftist Daniel Frisiello, 24,  pleaded guilty to the crimes and will be spending many years in prison.

According to the media and Democrats standards, they have to take credit for encouraging this sort of behavior and need to step down from office or their journalist jobs.


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