CNN Commentator Calls Benghazi Hero A Racist!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

October 27, 2018

On Thursday a CNN Political Analyst Kirsten Powers called Benghazi Hero Kris Paronto a racist. This is typical rhetoric from leftist media to disrespect military hero’s and using their only word they know “racist.”

Kristen Powers was littering her twitter feed over Megyn Kelly’s remarks of blackface. One of her posts did start a firestorm between her and Kris Paronto.

Kris Paronto responded with a meme from Game of Thrones showing a white woman being praised as a hero from colored people.

Kirsten Powers responded back in her classless way calling the Benghazi hero a racist while ironically describing why she is a savior for colored people. If you notice she deleted the tweet but we do have what she said on it.

Sorry racists, but people of color don’t need a white savior. But they need white people speaking up about racial discrimination and no amount of harassment by crazy racists online is going to stop me from doing that.

— Kirsten Powers (@KirstenPowers) October 25, 2018


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