Package Bomber Voter Registry Released, And has A Criminal Record!

Article by Bryan Howard

October 26, 2018

The Package Bomber suspect was found early Friday morning. The suspect is a 56 year old who lives in Florida with a white van filled with Trump stickers. Many people are curious what is this mans background and it is starting to be revealed.

The suspect has a criminal history and has been arrested 10 times since 2002 according to law enforcement. One of the 10 times was for a bomb threat. He was arrested in 2013 for Grand Theft. It is evident this man is a crazy person and needs to be spending many years behind bars for this crime.

However, the question many are wanting to know is what political party does he belong to? It has been revealed he is a registered Republican voter with an Aventura, Florida, address.

Now that we know he is obviously a Republican the stories of this being a hoax needs to stop from our side. I questioned that Democrats were potentially behind the attacks for political gain, but it seems that the reality is this was a crazy man who had a deep hatred for the Democrats.

I think it is time that we and our Democrat counterparts tone down the rhetoric and try to come back to civility. I understand Democrats have caused more harm than our side has and they started it, but we are the logical rational adults and need to set the tone. This doesn’t mean we can’t fight back with ideology, but we do need to not ratchet up the heat ourselves.


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