Hawley Surges Past McCaskill In Missouri Senate Polls!


Article by Bryan Howard

October 25, 2018

Missouri Incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill has had a rough month in her Senate race. McCaskill has been in a heated race against Republican challenger Josh Hawley for the Missouri Senate seat, but now Hawley seems to be pulling away. A new poll shows Hawley has taken a 7 point lead.

According to an internal poll Josh Hawley has support of 49% of likely voters, while Claire McCaskill has only 42% support. The remaining 9% of voters are undecided or third party voters. Josh Hawley has moved out of the margin of error and is expected to win the Missouri seat. This is a stark difference from the older polls where Haley and McCaskill were in a virtual tie.

There seems to be a strong red wave within the Senate where Republicans are passing up Democrats in battle ground seats. Republicans could end up with 54-58 Senate Seats after the elections are finished.


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