WATCH: Andrew Gillum, Republicans Are Racist Because They Are Concerned Of Corruption!


Article by Bryan Howard

October 24, 2018

Democrat Socialist Andrew Gillum who is running for Governor of Florida was caught with ethic abuse of power. Andrew Gillum was caught taking gifts from undercover FBI agents and these scandals have been brought up by Republicans.

Andrew Gillum ran to Facebook to post a video where he said Republicans are racist for bringing up his corruption. Because when all else fails blame racism.

Gillum stated, “What I want people to know, despite all the distractions — because I think the Republicans obviously want to distract, want to suggest, all along throughout this trail they have wanted people to believe that somehow I haven’t deserved what I’ve got, I’m unethical, participated in illegal and illicit activity, I mean you name it.”

Gillum finished, “The goal is, obviously, to use my candidacy as a way to reinforce, frankly, stereotypes about black men.”


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