Texas Gov. Greg Abbot claims, George Soros ‘is trying to turn Texas into California’


Article by Bryan Howard

October 24, 2018

Texas Governor Greg Abbott joined Glenn Beck on “The Blaze” to talk about a Blue wave in Texas, and the caravan. During the interview Abbott claims George Soros is spending millions to turn Texas into California.

The Interview starts off with Glenn Beck pointing out the fact that Soros has been making it his mission to turn Texas into California.

Greg Abbott replied, “George Soros has been involved in Texas elections for the past couple of cycles. Two years ago he gave half a million dollars directly to a candidate in Harris county down in Houston. This year he gave a million dollars to a candidate in San Antonio. On top of that he has funded these ground games of get out the vote. He is trying to turn Texas into California, and that’s on top of all this money pouring in from California for candidates like Beto.”

Greg Abbott was asked about the caravan during the interview, and Abbott responded with some great points about the caravan.

“If you think these are people who are leaving Honduras or Guatemala or wherever they’re coming from, and are just trying to escape violence and seek asylum, that is incorrect,” Abbott said. “This is very well organized. It’s funded. There are others who are behind this. And very importantly, in this caravan [there] are not just people from Honduras and Guatemala. We know that some of the leaders of it are involved in MS-13. We know that some of the people are from countries across the globe.”


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