Argument For Bomb Threats Being A False Flag Operation!

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Article by Bryan Howard

October 24, 2018

Opening Statement:

On Wednesday, we saw an onslaught of packaged bombs sent to high up members of the Democrat party. The targets of these packages were Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Eric Holder, Maxine Waters, and CNN (Potential intended for John Brennan).  It didn’t take long for the left to stir up a narrative that President Trump caused this action from his rhetoric. This almost seems like it was too perfectly planned to fit a narrative the left has been desperate for.

I believe it is worth questioning all aspects of this topic and who is behind it. Currently there is no suspect mentioned by the FBI, but the left-wing media has already labeled it as a far right wing Trump supporter. And if so I and all Conservatives condemn their rogue actions, and this person needs to face the punishment of the crime. That being said I still can’t seem to let the thought go how this whole bomb scare seems fishy, and we need to dig in deep on why this may be the Democrats playing another dirty trick.


First, I want to point out it is not far fetched to believe Democrats are behind their own bomb scare when you look at what they did to Brett Kavanaugh. Democrats created a false story and got a woman to play along with this false story of sexual assault. The entire hearing was a circus created by the Democrats all in the name of power with no care in the world on the damage they caused the Kavanaugh family.

Second, Democrats created a fake Trump-Russia collusion story to try a thwart a fair election. Not only did Democrats create the false story they enlisted the FBI to be involved in spying on the Trump campaign with two agents.


It is clear Democrats have a history of creating false stories in their pursuit of power, and it is not out of the realm of possibilities they are behind this as well. The question remains why would the Democrats create a bomb scare on themselves and what do they gain?

  • Democrats are losing fast in the polls and early voting turnout. Republican voters seem energized and Democrats need to re-energize their base. Having a bomb scare may help with energizing their base to vote against a perceived radical base.


  • Democrats were being labeled successfully as the “Mob” party and it was killing their image. Democrats are masters at turning around their crimes and placing it on Republicans (example: Racism, Rapists, Fascists). By creating a bomb scare they are able to claim the Right is just as violent if not more extreme, which would remove that mob narrative.


  •  Democrats only know how to play the victim card for campaigning, and if Republicans are being assaulted by Democrats its hard to play the victim when you are the abuser.


  • Democrats needed a new angle to blame Trump and they figured this was a new way to place blame on President Trump that may stick.



Now that we have established a history and a motive we need some evidence to back the argument. What I am presenting is a tying of events that transpired that seems to show signs of collusion between three entities of the Democrat Party, Media, and Billionaire activists. The Democrat Politicians targeted were also the ones who were credited for the most violent rhetoric against Republicans, so targeting them would clear their names from their rhetoric. CNN is looking for a story to blame President Trump that he caused violence towards them. And George Soros has been caught paying the protesters to assaulted Republicans, which a bomb scare would show he was justified.

  • First, there is no motive for Republicans to be creating this chaos, nor do they have a history of violence against political opponents. Republicans were winning on all fronts politically and looking strong at retaining the Senate and House. It wouldn’t make any sense that a Republican was worked up enough to go through with all of this planning and work when we are winning without violence.


  • Second, The individuals who were targeted draw questions, being that it was the Clinton’s, Obama, Soros ,and CNN. Yet, not one of them were home and CNN did not have anyone harmed. If someone went through all the trouble to find out where these individuals lived and cover their tracks wouldn’t they have made sure these people were home so their target would be harmed.


  • Third, it was discovered the delivery address for all these packages came from DNC official, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s (D-FL) Sunrise, FL, office. No she clearly was not the one who sent the bombs, but it does seem like that would be the perfect frame job by the Democrats to use this address. Not to mention the buck stops their for addresses and Law Enforcement is not going to believe Democrats sent it to themselves.


  • Fourth, CNN false reporting early in the day that the White House was delivered a package with the same bomb. CNN gave specifics as to where the bomb was intercepted, and this story was refuted by Secret Service claiming they did not receive a package. If I were to expand on what may have happened is CNN knew of these packages before hand and a package was originally supposed to be delivered to the White House but for some reason it did not fall through at the last moment.


  • Fifth, If the individual believed their targets would be home why would they have sent the packages through the mail. We know none of them would personally be the ones who gather the mail because of their security detail, and sending it by mail would be the most likely way of  bomb’s to be discovered before they were to detonate in front of their intended targets. It is as if these packages were set in place to cause zero harm to the intended target, and to be found with immediacy.


Closing Argument:

This is clearly only my opinion from observation and I am not directly saying Democrats were behind these attacks. But what I am saying is Democrats do not have the right to claim these attacks came from Republicans. I have established Democrats have a history of these sorts of antics and I established a motive for the Democrats to remove a violent mob label and place it on Republicans. Finally, I established aspects of the story that don’t fit for a narrative Republicans were behind this with intentions to harm Democrats.

Once again this is only an opinion based off of observation and for all we do know it could be a Republican behind this, but there are enough signs to say we can’t jump to that conclusion.




One thought on “Argument For Bomb Threats Being A False Flag Operation!

  1. Clearly the fake bombs were not meant to hurt anyone physically but only meant to BE FOUND before the election. Media’s already blaming Trump rhetoric as usual. So someone intending to hurt Trump came up with this plan. It’s either a hillary drone or a disgruntled Bernie volunteer who’s mad his election was rigged. IMO I seriously doubt it’s a Trump supporter.

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