Republicans Out Pacing Democrats In Early Voting For Key States.

PHOTO: (Mandel Ngan, AFP/Getty Images)

Article by Bryan Howard

October 23, 2018

Early Voting in many states have begun and the results should terrify Democrats in the key states. The states Democrats were hoping to steal or maintain seats have seen a red wave in the early voting turnout.

According to NBC News polls are showing in key states like Texas, Tennessee, Indiana, and Florida Republicans have out paced Democrats in early voting turnout. Of the eight states they mentioned Democrats only out paced Republicans in Nevada.

Early voting turnout percentages,

Florida: 44 percent Republican, 38 percent Democrat, 18 percent unaffiliated.

Arizona: 44 percent Republican, 33 percent Democrat, 23 percent unaffiliated

Indiana: 51 percent Republican, 39 percent Democrat, 10 percent unaffiliated.

Texas: 53 percent Republican, 43 percent Democrat, 4 percent unaffiliated

Montana: 46 percent Republican, 29 percent Democrat, 25 percent unaffiliated.

Tennessee: 63 percent Republican, 30 percent Democrat, 7 percent unaffiliated.

Georgia: 52 percent Republican, 43 percent Democrat, 5 percent unaffiliated.

Nevada: 45 percent Democrat, 38 percent Republican, 18 percent unaffiliated.


These results are showing high enthusiasm from the Republican base early on, and Democrats are probably worried that not only they wont have a blue wave, but could be met by a red tsunami. It is important to remember just because we are having success early on doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote. Democrats will have a surge of enthusiasm at some point which is why every Republican needs to be out voting early as possible to build up a lead.


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