Republican Rep. Takes Lead In Key Race NY-19 District!

PHOTO: Paul Buckowski / Times Union)

Article by Bryan Howard

October 22, 2018

Republican Incumbent of the NY-19 district John Faso takes a lead in the polls after being down 3 points over a month ago. Republican John Faso in early September was down 45-48 in the polls to Democrat Challenger Antonio Delgado.

A recent poll of Siena shows Faso is now leading 44-43 over Delgado. This race could determine which party wins the House of Representatives and you better believe Democrats will focus hard in this district. Every Republican who lives in this district needs to vote, and if you don’t live in this district but know someone who does make sure they vote.

It seems the reason for the polls flipping in this district would correlate with the Brett Kavanaugh hearing, which has flipped many polls on many seats in favor of Republicans.


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