GOP Braun Takes Lead Over Incumbent Democrat In Indiana Senate Race!

PHOTO: Michael Conroy / AP file

Article by Bryan Howard

October 23, 2018

GOP U.S. Senate candidate Mike Braun has taken a lead over Democrat incumbent Joe Donnelly in the most recent polls. Donnelly was holding on to a lead majority of the race, but it seems the heavy Trump state of Indiana has turned on Donnelly.

According to a poll that was conducted by Mason Strategies,  Republican Mike Braun is leading, 47%-43% Over Democrat Donnelly. The poll shows Braun has a 4 point lead over Donnelly, and that is a huge swing compared to the last polls where Donnelly had a 44%-40% lead over Braun.

Stephen Spiker of Mason Strategies stated, “When applying the margin of error to each candidate’s vote share, the race is statistically tied. However, two weeks before the election you’d rather be Mike Braun than Joe Donnelly with these numbers.”

Braun stated, “The biggest thing voters are dissatisfied with Donnelly on is his masquerade as a moderate, when on 100 percent of the important pieces of legislation he’s been with Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — the liberal side of his party.”

Braun also attacked Donnelly for his opposition of tax cuts.

“The Democrats have gambled and misstepped when they thought tax reform was going to be a class-division issue of only helping the wealthy. That’s not been the case. When employees see that employers are sharing the benefits, what do the Democrats have? More government that they already don’t know how to pay for, borrowing from your kids and your grand kids? Not much of a message.”

It seems Democrats are facing a massive Tsunami in the Senate, and facing a Red wall in the Congressional House of Representatives.



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