Free Falling: Keith Ellison Losing In Polls To GOP Challenger!

Article by Bryan Howard

October 23, 2018

Democrat of Minnesota Keith Ellison is running for Attorney General in his state. This was supposed to be a landslide victory for Keith Ellison the Deputy Chairman of the DNC, but since the spousal abuse allegations that have emerged from this emotionally imbalanced politician he has been free falling in the polls. The most recent polls show the republican challenger  Doug Wardlow.

According to the Minnesota Star Tribune, “Wardlow now leads by 7 percentage points, at 43 percent to 36 percent for Ellison, just a month after the Democrat held a 5-point edge in a September Minnesota Poll.”

Minnesota is a solid blue state that Democrat rely on to win their seats, however if Ellison loses the AG seat to a Republican there may be more to the story than an abuse allegation that cost Ellison the seat. It is possible we are seeing Democrats being rejected nation wide for being to radical.


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