WATCH: DeSantis slams Gillum over FBI investigation in Florida Governor debate!

PHOTO: Screenshot

Article by Bryan Howard

October 22, 2018

The Florida Governor debate between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum was heated the entire way through. Andrew Gillum refused to answer questions the entire debate by reflecting and claiming everything is not true without proving why it wasn’t true. However, Gillum looked foolish in a debate about FBI investigations which was turned on him for taking bribes from undercover FBI agents.

Moderator Jake Tapper asked, “The FBI has been investigating potential corruption in Tallahassee now for three years. The probe appears to include lobbyists and former campaign treasurer for you, Adam Corey. You’ve been trying to distance yourself Corey but you have been friends with him for more than a decade and two trips that you took together are part of the investigation.”

Tapper finished by asking, “How can Floridians trust your judgment when someone under FBI investigation was part of your inner circle?”

Gillum responded, “Yes. Well, you know, we all have friends that sometimes let us down, and the truth is, let me be very clear about what the record is. I am not under FBI investigation and neither is my city government.”

Gillum defelected the question by targeting DeSantis. “He has gone out of his way before he quit his job in Congress to protect Donald Trump, to curb the inquiry by Mr. Mueller. He has gone even so far as to suggest that some deep state is at work to undermine the presidency. I mean, he’s a conspiracy theorist, if you will.”

DeSantis destroyed Gillum quickly, “The difference between Andrew and me is that when I dealt with the FBI as a prosecutor, I was working hand in hand with them to bring people to justice. When Andrew deals with them, he’s dealing with an undercover agent posing as a contractor who he was on a junket with in New York. You went to a Broadway show with an undercover FBI agent.”

DeSantis continued, “You went to Costa Rica with these same lobbyists. And guess what happened? The lobbyists that wined and dined Andrew, they got a $2 million grant from the city government. So, to me, corruption is when you’re in a position of power, you’re getting something you shouldn’t have had. He shouldn’t have gotten the Broadway tickets, he shouldn’t have gotten the trip to Costa Rica and then you give something to someone in return. He gave $2 million to the same lobbyists.”



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