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Article by Bryan Howard

October 22, 2018

Democrats may be in some trouble going into the generic ballot according to Real Clear Politics president Tom Bevan. The polls are a “good sign for Republicans” Bevan said. He points out when you dig deep into the polls you find out in the races that matter for the congressional House races they are toss ups in registered voters. The polls show in the competitive races 45% of the registered voters are Republican while 44% are Democrats. The reason there are more registered Democrats than Republicans around the nation is because the heavy Blue States have majority of the registered voters.

Bevan stated on Fox and Friends, “In these competitive districts, [Democrats’] generic ballot lead has disappeared.”

“What that suggests is that Democrats are over-performing in very blue districts, very blue states, but not as much in some of these more competitive districts. And that’s a good sign for Republicans I think, just two weeks before the election.”

Bevan said, “Let’s not make too much of any one single poll, but we have seen some of these similar trends in other polls, especially in President Trump’s job approval rating.”

Bevan finished off with saying, “Health care definitely seems to be in all these races. Everybody’s talking about it. We saw it in the Florida’s governor race last night — the debate. But the economy’s there and that was the other thing from The Wall Street Journal poll. Republicans have the best rating on the economy that they’ve ever had in the history of that poll.”


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