Avenatti Owes IRS Over $1 Million, Yet Still Lives Life Of Royalty.

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Article by Bryan Howard

October 22, 2018

Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti is claiming he is the man who will beat President Trump in 2020, and is the only one who can stand up to him. Avenatti has been placing himself in the spotlight whenever he can to stay relevant and trying to make himself seem like the guy who is standing up for the people. However, it seems Avenatti is the scam artist we all thought he was owing the IRS over $1 million. While Avenatti owed the IRS money he was living life like a king refusing to pay what he was demanded of.

According to the Daily Beast,

“Tax liens filed in Orange County also show that Avenatti has personally owed at least $1.2 million in federal taxes on top of the corporate debts. One lien, filed in February 2018, was for $308,396, while another filed in August 2015 showed a balance of $903,987. The Daily Beast did not find records showing the liens were released, but Avenatti claims both debts were “fully paid.””

The Daily Beast reported that Michael Avenatti owes houndreds of thousands in back due rent for his coffee shop.

“A review of court documents reveals that Avenatti, his former law firm Eagan Avenatti, and his former company Global Baristas, the majority owner of the Seattle-based Tully’s coffee chain, have owed millions in unpaid federal and state taxes in Washington and California, as well as hundreds of thousands in past-due rent to landlords.”

“A Newport Beach landlord began eviction proceedings last month against Eagan Avenatti in Orange County Superior Court. The real-estate entity claims Eagan Avenatti failed to make rent for three storage spaces and a 8,371-square-foot suite, totaling more than $107,415 for the months of July and August. (A lawyer representing the Irvine Company, which manages the rentals, declined to comment.)”

“On Oct. 18, the landlord filed court papers indicating that Eagan Avenatti owes $213,253 in rent as of this month.”

The Daily Beast reported Avenatti’s wife claiming they lived a life of luxury flying around the world in a private jet.

“Lisa Storie-Avenatti says the couple enjoyed a multimillion-dollar home in Newport Beach, international and domestic travel via private jet, and a collection of art and exotic cars.”

“In one declaration, filed in January, Storie-Avenatti said, “Petitioner and I enjoyed a very extravagant marital lifestyle. In October 2011, we bought a home in Laguna for $7.2 million and sold it in September 2015 for $12.6 million.””

““We traveled extensively throughout the world, and, when not flying privately, we always flew business class and stayed at five-star hotels,” Storie-Avenatti said in the court filing, adding that they regularly visited Cabo (where they held their destination wedding and paid expenses for 20 guests), the French Riviera, and Paris.”

““I had unfettered use of credit cards that were in my name. My American Express bill was historically on average of $60,000 to $70,000 per month, and was paid in full each month,” Storie-Avenatti added in court papers.”

It was also reported that Avenatti paid yearly salaries for a personal piolet.

“Avenatti employed a full-time pilot hired at $100,000 a year, and owned two private jets worth about $9 million, Storie-Avenatti claimed. He also retained a full-time driver paid through his firm, but she didn’t know his pay rate.”


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