How Much Would The Five Radical Democrat Policies Cost Tax Payers?

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Article by Bryan Howard

October 20, 2018

The Democrats have embraced full Socialism and proposed some highly radical ideas in the last two years. Every time the Democrats propose new policies that have only been attempted in Socialist countries our response is how expensive they are. With midterms a few weeks away it may be a good time to see how much it would cost the tax payers if we passed the five most radical policies the Democrats are proposing and want to enact. Also, after adding up the five radical policies what would our new federal budget look like with these put forth.

The first policy is the Bernie Sanders free College for all plan. Obviously, as we all know nothing is free and it comes at a cost through taxes so what would Bernie Sanders College policy cost the tax payer? According to Bernie Sanders campaign, they estimate it would cost $75 Billion for the free college tuition on tax payers.

Free College= $75 Billion/year

The second Policy Bernie Sanders proposed is the Jobs for all act. In this policy Bernie Sanders is proposing for all Americans who are jobless would get a full time Government job at $15 an hour, full time work. In order for us to figure out how much this policy would cost we will assume people who have to work the government job would be the ones on unemployment. Roughly there may be 9 million people that are collecting unemployment benefits, and if we paid them a yearly salary of $15/hour at 40 hours a week, they would make $31,000 a year.

Job For Everyone= $279 Billion/year

Senator Kamala Harris recently proposed a Universal Basic Income that would give anyone making less than $50,000 a year receive $3,000 a year from the government in a wealth redistribution plan. Read more details on Kamala Harris Policy.

Universal Basic Income= $457.38 BILLION/year

The most expensive radical policy is the healthcare for all proposal by everyone’s favorite socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The policy which she proposes would giver every American health care no matter the amount of money they earn, and gives the same care to all. However, this policy was projected to cost the tax payer a whopping $3.26 Trillion.

Health Care For All= $3.26 Trillion/year

To build off of health care for all policy, Governor of California Jerry Brown proposed free health care for all illegal immigrants. Let’s assume after we pass this proposal that we shut the borders and no other illegal enters our country, and we are only paying on the 22 million illegals that are currently living here. Also, using Ocasio-Cortez health care for all it comes to $10,000 a year per person to pay for the policy. That means it will cost us $10,000 per person of the 22 million illegals that reside in the United States.

Health Care For All Illegals= $220 Billion/year

Now that we broke down the five radical policies cost we have to figure out to total cost of all combined.

Free College= $75 Billion/year

Job For Everyone= $279 Billion/year

Universal Basic Income= $457.38 BILLION/year

Health Care For All= $3.26 Trillion/year

Health Care For All Illegals= $220 Billion/year

TOTAL PRICE= $4.29 Trillion/year

Now that we know the cost of the Democrats policies what would our new federal budget look like with these put in place?

The budget for 2019 currently is projected to be $4.4 Trillion, which is about $1 Trillion more than the Federal revenue on taxes, which will add more to the nations debt. That is without adding in the new Democrat policies that we figured the cost on.

With these new policies there will be programs eliminated from the budget like Medicare, Medicaid, and unemployment/food stamps/Pell Grants/Housing benefits. Social Security will be kept in the budget because non of these policies would eliminate it.

Medicare= $625 billion/year

Medicaid= $412 billion/year

Welfare Programs minus Social Security= $656 billion/year

Total Cuts= $1.69 Trillion/year

Now lets figure out what the new Federal budget would look like under the Democrats with their new policies and cuts.

2019 Budget= $4.4 Trillion


Total Cuts= $1.69 Trillion/year

PLUS (+)

Total Democrat Policies added= $4.29 Trillion/year


New Federal Budget= $7 Trillion/year

The New Federal Budget under Democrats radical policies would nearly double our current budget bringing us to a $7 Trillion budget. In order to pay for their policies we would have to double taxes across the board for everyone in the United States. This would mean for the majority of Americans you would lose over half your paycheck to taxes. Please keep this in mind and I hope the math break down helps you explain to your Democrat friends why they should vote for Republicans.



2 thoughts on “How Much Would The Five Radical Democrat Policies Cost Tax Payers?

  1. THIS is EXACTLY why the Founding Fathers created a REPUBLIC and NOT a Democracy! IF we were truly a Democracy, those on the lower end of the income spectrum would ALWAYS vote themselves “Free” money and “Free” benefits! When those who have worked HARD at being successful are PUNISHED for being successful by EXORBITANT TAXES and those entering the workforce KNOW they will also be punished with exorbitant taxes if THEY are successful, they no longer have an incentive to BE successful. This will cause EARNERS to want to earn LESS to be in a lower tax bracket. The outcome will be MUCH LOWER taxes paid which will force our government to borrow even MORE money than it already does. TRILLIONS more that we can NEVER PAY BACK. The amount they will have to borrow will probably be more than ANY bank or country is willing to lend us. That scenario WOULD bankrupt the United States and we would be at the mercy of every other World Power!

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