Two GOP Candidate Assaulted While Campaigning In Minnesota!

Article by Bryan Howard

October 17, 2018

Minnesota has had two GOP representatives assaulted on their campaign trail this week for political motives. One is  State Rep. Sarah Anderson and the other is Republican candidate Shane Mekeland.

Sarah Anderson claimed she witnessed an individual kicking and destroying political signs when she tried to intervene. At that point the man was set off into a range attacking her through her car window punching her.



The Second assault was against Republican candidate Shane Mekeland who claimed while on the campaign trail at a speech he was sucker punched by a individual, giving Mekeland a concussion.

It seems a daily occurrence now that Republicans are being physically assaulted and Democrats and the media are encouraging this behavior from their supporters. We need to write to our local congressmen to create a law cracking down on the radically violent left before more people get harmed.


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