Rush Limbaugh Predicts A Red Wave For Midterms!


Article by Bryan Howard

October 18, 2018

The most dangerous man Rush Limbaugh was interviewed by Sean Hannity and will appear on T.V. Thursday night. During this clip Limbaugh was asked his prediction on the midterms.

Rush answered, “We hold the House and increase the Senate. Because I think that’s Justice, it would be Justice”

He added, “I think the Democrat Party deserves to lose in the biggest single electoral landslide defeat in my lifetime because of the actions they’ve taken just in the last month.”

Hannity responded about the polls showing Democrats will win the House, and Rush responded “I don’t trust it.”

“I don’t trust it. It hasn’t been right consistently enough for me,” Limbaugh said of the polling. “People doing these surveys desperately want Trump gone. I don’t know how they can take that out of their work.” Rush continued, “I don’t Trust pure objectivity”

Watch the full interview between Rush and Hannity Thursday night on Fox News!



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