Cuban American Protesters Shut Down Democrat Event Calling Them “Commies” And “Witches”

PHOTO: Wilfredo Lee/AP Photo

Article by Bryan Howard

October 18, 2018

Cuban American protesters shut down a Democrat event that was staring Nancy Pelosi, Donna Shalala, and Barbara Lee. This event was held in Coral Gables, for a campaign held by Democrat Donna Shalala. The event was protested because Rep. Barbara Lee gave praise to the evil Communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

According to Miami Harold writer Jimena Tavel,

“[Rep. Nancy Pelosi] and [Rep. Barbara Lee] were scheduled to campaign for [Donna Shalala] and [Debbie Mucarsel-Powell] here today. About 25 protesters are standing outside, holding signs supporting Republicans and accusing Democrats of being communists,”

“The crowd has grown. They’re striking the door to the building where the event will take place. They’re also screaming ‘commie’ and calling the Democrats ‘witches.'”

Tavel asked a man who was involved in the Bay of Pigs where he stated, Democrats would invite Rep. Lee, who said we should all “stop, pause and mourn” Castro when he died. “I’m angry,” veteran Frank de Varona told Tavel.

Donna Shalala is in a tight race for her seat in a deep blue area against her Republican challenger Maria Elvira Salazar. This event gave opportunity to capitalize off the protest.

Maria Elvira Salazar, the Republican congressional nominee, said it is “shameful” for any candidate in the district to “bring a supporter of the Castro regime to campaign.”

“This is not only disrespectful for the Cuban exile, but also for the millions of Venezuelans and Nicaraguans, many who live in this district, who are suffering as a result of the Castro regime,” Salazar said.

WATCH video of protest below,


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