NEW POLL: GOP McSally Extends Lead In Arizona Senate Race!

PHOTO: Matt York/The Associated Press

Article by Bryan Howard

October 17, 2018

Republican Senator of Arizona, Jeff Flake, is not running for reelection, which means there has been a highly contested race for his seat by both parties. For the majority of the race Democrat Kyrsten Sinema has held a solid lead in the polls over Republican Martha McSally.

However, after the Democrats tried to spread lies about Brett Kavanaugh the polls tightened. This was only the beginning because soon after old video’s of Kyrsten Sinema’s radical past leaked. In these videos Sinema was bashing the state of Arizona and the people that live there as crazy idiots. A new poll came out from showing McSally taking a lead in the polls.

Five Thirty Eight shows McSally has 49% of the poll voting for her, while only 45% claim they are voting for Sinema and 6% are undecided. It seems Sinema’s radical past has destroyed her in this senate race and the people of Arizona will benefit from it by getting a great Senator in McSally.


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